Emily Everett



The Kenyon Review, “Solitária,” forthcoming January 2020 (runner-up in the 2019 Short Fiction Contest)

Electric Literature, “Osterizer Classic Series 10 Cycle Blender,” August 2019

Mississippi Review, “Five Years,” forthcoming Winter 2020

Tin House, “Coda,” December 2017

The Tishman Review, “In an Emergency,” April 2017 (nominated for Dau/PEN Short Story Prize)


The Common,What We Were Like Then,” September 2017

The Common, “Off Edgware Road,” December 2016

Take Magazine,Lucius Looks Back While Moving Forward,” September 2016

Highlights & Excerpts

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“SolitáRIA,” Selected as runner-up in the 2019 Short Fiction Contest

From contest judge Mia Alvar:
“Solitária” beautifully weds the particulars of a place and a family with the universalities of love and loss. Is its (literally) wild denouement a stroke of magical realism, or the figment of a bereaved imagination? I think the answer is “yes,” and it’s a testament to this author’s skillful plotting and inventive power that the story can have it both ways.


“Coda,” featured in Tin house’s Flash friday, December 2017

The divorce papers arrive in the morning, in the mailbox, from her lawyer. One copy for her to sign, one for him. She spends the morning on the back porch in the spring sun, trying to think how to explain to him why she’s moving out. Since she first phoned the lawyer, she’s been carried, or felt herself carried, on the forward crest of a wave—white-knuckled, at last, right at the front tip of her life.

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“Osterizer” featured in The Commuter, August 2019

I highly recommend this blender and came here to say so. I thought I should leave my review on Amazon where the most shoppers will see it. I have the original version—Oster have rereleased it this year but I’m sure the new one is just as good. My husband and I received this blender for a wedding present in 1975, in a color called Harvest Gold, though it’s really more chartreuse than gold.